Friday, August 5, 2016

Question asked :- Why Karna Limbu is not on National side??

Karna Limbu a Jhapa XI striker is a tremendous striker born in Nepal. Karna Limbu is also a popular name when it comes to internal tournaments in Nepal, always on headlines on National leagues. Karna Limbu started football career from his childhood coming to A- Division league on 2012 playing for Macchindra Football Club, currently playing for Jhapa XI since 2015. Karna Limbu was highest goal scorer on 2014 scoring 11 goals on ANFA cup making team 2nd on the cup. Karna arrived on Jhapa XI on 2015 and was 2nd highest goal scorer on ANFA cup scoring 13 goals just behind national star Nawyug Shrestha.
These stats show Karna has done more than enough to be on national side but he is not selected, often selectors make some excuses on his selection and give chance to undeserving players instead of him. Karna is consistent, excited and speedster on field and performs by giving his all on the field. Every athletes one of the biggest dream is to wear national shirt, sing national anthem in front of thousand and perform one's best for his/her country.
Karna has appeared once for Nepal back on 2014 on 75th min coming on substitute off Anil Gurung against Yemen where Nepal lost 0-2. Does it makes sense top scorer once and second top scorer on the biggest tournament on the country only gets a chance of playing for country, and which comes only 15 for minutes. This lad should seriously get chance to show his class and talent for our country. When will Karna Limbu get chance to play for Nepal ?? still a big question asked.